Fitnesschef, LLC began as a summer "let’s get in shape" mission. From Baltimore Maryland, chef and personal trainer, Franco Paredes, started his own personal journey in the summer of 2015. Chef Franco has always observed and evaluated different perspectives on food, nutrition, and fitness. Having tried every latest trend, fad, and health program on the market, he knows it all comes down to a good, balanced diet. After putting his meals to the test and making them known to the public through social media, he decided it was time to share his concept on a larger scale. Thus Fitnesschef, LLC launched and is here to help you meet your own health and fitness goals. Chef Franco already put it to the test - as seen by his large network of supporters who have stuck by his side. So, live better, eat better, and see better results. Let’s eat!


“Find something you’re good at, become the best at it.”

-Franco David Paredes

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