Cooking Classes

At Home!

At Fitnesschef we want you to not just enjoy our meals and services, but we also want to teach you a new skill!

With our cooking classes you can be a chef yourself and, that’s right, all from your own home! We have beginners, intermediate and veteran classes, so no matter how much you know we will make sure you learn new skills. Here you can choose to make new healthy meals for yourself or cook some of your favorite foods to impress your loved ones.

A fun and creative way to spend an evening in with your favorite person or group of friends. (BYOB)

How Does It Work?

  • You choose a plan and choose an amount of guests that will be joining. Our packages are listed below.

  • Once you choose your package we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking and ask you about your skill level(s) and any food allergies.

  • Our skilled Chef(s) will meet at the chosen location an hour before the start of the event.

  • Our Chefs will bring equipment but will use household equipment if needed.

What Does It Include?

  • Our packages include all service fees and groceries.

  • 3 personally designed menus to choose from for you and your party.

  • We will also send one of our best Chef(s) to make the class memorable, fun, interactive and enjoyable.

  • Feast while we clean up! That’s right, we will clean up while you and your group enjoy your delicious creations.

  • We provide Fitnesschef aprons for you and your party to keep!

    (BYOB)no beverages are included with any package.

Italian Night Out

Benvenuto! What is an Italian night out without your pastas? Here our chefs will teach you how to make your very own pasta! Alongside a full course of Sicilian meals.

Spanish Summer

Ah, think fresh limes, cilantro, Spanish rice and all the other good stuff you find in the wonderful Spanish cuisine. Travel through a handful of Spanish countries making an authentic dish every course.


Here our chefs will combine different cuisines for you to nibble on! Trust us, nibble here, nibble there, you will be full. Enjoy learning the roots and different styles of cooking from around the globe!

Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine has been rated number one in the world EIGHT times in a row. This cuisine comes with a blend of Japanese, African, Spanish, Italian and ethnic Peruvian influences. Get ready to have your mind blown while we take you on a full tour of real Peruvian cuisine!


Welcome to the Chifá cooking experience. Chifá is a Japanese and Peruvian oriented cuisine. Here you will learn of the Japanese roots that Peru has adopted for hundreds of years. Both countries are rated the top cuisines in the world, you MUST try this combination of flavors together.