Questions you may have…🤔

Why should I rely on FitnessChef for my everyday food and diet?

For $8.00/meal, we make it easy to have a consistent (and filling!) variety of meals using locally sourced ingredients that are high in protein and stimulate your taste buds. 

Yes, a Taco Bell burrito is $4.99. But we all know that we shouldn’t rely on fast food for our everyday diet. 

Why are these in a bag?

We selected vacuum sealed bags over trays for many reasons:

  • Easy to transport in a lunch box, backpack, purse, etc.

  • More meals can be shipped per order, reducing the number of times we ship to you, and the associated pollution involved.

  • Easy to store in a freezer.

  • Reduces the amount of waste that ends up in your trashcan and local landfill.

What about Keto/Paleo/Zone/etc…?

We don’t encourage fad diets. However, we will work with individuals if they have special dietary needs especially those related to a health condition or procedure (i.e. bariatric diets, gastric bypass diets, etc.)

How should I heat my meals in the microwave?

Is the bag still frozen? 

Yes: Pierce it once with a knife, place it in the microwave for about 5 minutes, tear open, enjoy

No: Pierce it once with a knife, place it in the microwave for about 2.5 minutes, tear open, enjoy

Are you on the road?

Yes: Find a gas station or other fine roadside establishment with a microwave, puncture with a knife, microwave for recommended time, hold with a rag, tear open, enjoy

No: Grab a plate, puncture with a knife, microwave for recommended time, tear open, empty onto plate, enjoy

How big are these meals?

Most meals are between 280 – 600 calories with 30 grams – 47 grams of protein.

One meal is enough to satiate anyone’s hunger. (Unless you are exceptionally hungry, or a bear.)

Do I put my meals in the fridge or freezer?

We recommend putting all your meals in the freezer so they keep longer. Then transition them to the fridge a day or two ahead of eating. Since all of our meals are free of preservatives, they will begin to breakdown in the fridge if left there for more than a week and will likely not be as flavorful.

How many meal varieties come in my assorted shipment?

As many as we can deliver. Usually we have 35 varieties to include so if you order fewer than 35, you should see one of each. If you order more than 35, then you will start to notice double or triple counts of each variety. 

Why can’t I choose my individual meals?

If we were to customize every order, the fulfillment process would be too long, full of errors, and the prices for everyone would go up – no one wins. Variety in your diet is key to avoiding diet fatigue. Which is why we CONSTANTLY change our menu and curate it based on the feedback from our members. 

Why don’t you use those freezer gel packs with your packaging?

In our tests, we found the supposed biodegradable gel did not break down quickly enough even when subjected to rain and severe heat. Instead, we flash freeze the meals and they serve as their own cooling element during transit.

Do your chefs actually cook my food or is it mass produced and haphazardly thrown into a tray?

All of our meals are prepared by our chefs in-house. We source all of the ingredients from our suppliers on a weekly basis, making sure to select only their best stock. Once the raw ingredients are procured, we get to work cooking your meal and putting our hearts into every batch. Then we package all the food and immediately freeze the meals before sending to your doorstep.