Try Our Mini Meals!

Try Our Mini Meals!

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Want a taste before you sign up?

We know how it can be scary to trust a company with your diet. Are you going to like the taste? is it worth the money? Can you just try one meal before you enroll?

Here we will send you 10 assorted meals from our menu. You can test our taste, quality and convenience. Nothing (besides the size of these meals) is different from our regular subscription meals.

We know you’ll be very satisfied.

So we will be here for you, when you’re ready to sign up for a week or months.

Try 10 of our mini meals for a low cost today!

We are vegan friendly!


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Below you will find our crafted menu items. We have include the main ingredients of each dish and the main macros with it. Please refer to each individual meal on the back for all of the nutritional facts and ingredients. If you have any questions you may include them in the pre-check out box before submitting orders.