Weekly Meals

Weekly Meals

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Our weekly meals are a great start for you, if you plan on sticking with us we recommend checking out our monthly meals for a price break!

Let our skilled chefs pick out a delicious menu every month! We will send you an assortment from our 45 crafted menu items. Once you choose your subscription package we will begin the cooking process for your order. At Fitnesschef, we craft each order individually, WE NEVER COOK IN ADVANCE. All our meals are Locally sourced and free of preservatives.

We are vegan friendly! Your order will be shipped within 3-5 business days.

Check out our menu below.

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Below you will find our crafted menu items. We have include the main ingredients of each dish and the main macros with it. Please refer to each individual meal on the back for all of the nutritional facts and ingredients. If you have any questions you may include them in the pre-check out box before submitting orders.